Friday, 25 July 2014

Beauty Secrets

Real beauty to me is how you feel. It's not the being skinny, size zero fad or any of that belief.The happiness comes from within but not through materials. That is beauty to me and I have few beauty secrets that I would like to share with whoever likes to think, feel and be beautiful.

1) Drink Water - Lots of it
2) Once a week take a break from eating. Stay on fruits and veggies.
3) Say yes to junk only once in a month or as less as possible
4) Wash your face twice a day
5) Don't forget to cleanse-tone-moisturise. It's the a-b-c of the beauty school
6) Once a week apply face packs to ex foliate, to remove dead skin cells and clear it of dirt and impurities
7) Replace tea and coffee with green tea or chamomile tea
8) Eat before sunset and nothing until the sunrises
9) 40 minutes of activity everyday - is a way to stay healthy (not the secret to be skinny and size zero, read again: healthy)
10) Love and Believe in yourself. There is no better start to feeling beautiful than to feel confident.

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